Monday, June 15, 2009

Foxxy Lady?

Why I have ask this? Oh my God, does that man I could have an offspring soon. Fuck it.
No, seriously I ask this because I've seen a girl in a church that ma and my friends go to. At that time she was with her family I guess cos I've seen a girl who has similarities with but she's way better than her sister. Her sister was wearing glasses at that time maybe she has difficulties in seeing far objects. I notice also an old man and I guess that was her father but she has no physical attributes of her father. Her father also wore glasses. :)

At the midst of the mass I was eager to look at her like crazy knowing what she looks like. But I was able to see her when it was the "Peace Be With You" portion; she has brown eyes and pointed nose.(Nah I actually hate this cause I've found out that my skin was dry when I was writing this).

I counted the times that I've seen that girl. 1. 2. Twice.

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